Onsite Support & Staff Augmentation

LogicsOne provides onsite support necessary for a high quality, comprehensive program that complements our Managed IT Services and is customized for the specific client business and budget needs.

Onsite support teams are familiar with client business and IT infrastructure and are available to ensure IT environments are running at optimum levels. Also, LogicsOne provides clients with technicians who perform regularly scheduled onsite visits to provide quality technical service.

LogicsOne Onsite Teams include:

  • Technical Account Manager—responsible for overall technical quality of service, planning services, and reviews; also acts as team lead for all LogicsOne managed support services
  • Primary Support Engineer—knows client business needs and systems and acts as trusted resource for clients
  • PC Specialists—understand system and user environments and work with the Primary Engineer and LogicsOne Help Desk
  • Extended Engineering Team—LogicsOne engineers posses a diverse array of IT skills, and can be called on for special needs and project services