Infrastructure Management

Because the modern IT infrastructure spans physical, virtual, and cloud environments, poor management can quickly become costly as business operations are exposed to:

  • Downtime as applications and databases fail due to poor configuration or sub-optimal data structure
  • Reduced user productivity as network and application infrastructure performance slows due to failing devices, exceeded storage quotas, or configuration errors
  • Security leaks with servers and desktops lacking the latest security patches
  • Loss of data due to servers or desktops not properly setup for backups
  • Wasteful capital investment when existing, unused, or unknown infrastructure could be used

Choose Different Levels to Manage Specific IT Areas

With a large investment in IT infrastructure, it’s critical to manage it efficiently. LogicsOne offers myriad ways to mix and match management options for different components across any infrastructure. For example, clients can choose Monitoring for servers, and choose Monitoring Plus for switches and network devices.