Help Desk

For clients whose users require 24×7 access to live body technical support via phone, email and web ticket, LogicsOne provides infrastructure, application, and mobility experts to provide expertise and troubleshooting.

Building an in-house Help Desk service can be extremely costly and time consuming to manage for most organizations. LogicsOne offers these clients a cost-effective and smart solution to ensure end users—no matter their location, applications, or device—are able to quickly and easily access the data and systems they need to be productive.

LogicsOne Help Desk services lower support costs with rapid problem resolution, improved service levels, increased user satisfaction, and fixed per user costs. LogicsOne’s Help Desk includes phone and remote user support for PC hardware and software, complete call management, software hotfixes required for support, and online reporting.

Help Desk Features

  • Staffed by experienced IT professionals
  • 24×7 access—both Level I & II
  • Phone and email support for PC software and hardware issues
  • Secure remote support for users with virtual deskside assistance
  • Software fixes as required for support
  • Complete call ownership
  • Online call reports
  • Fixed per user price

Help Desk Advantages

  • Rapid problem resolution
  • Improved service levels
  • Increased user satisfaction and productivity
  • Increased management insight into user issues and problems
  • Efficient growth/downsizing support model
  • Reduced, budgetable costs

LogicsOne’s Help Desk frees IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and provides the benefits of customized support at a predictable cost.