Sourcing & Provisioning

Answers the question, “Which app, which cloud?” and provides one-click provisioning across internal private and public clouds.


Eliminate cloud sourcing complexity with a central portal where business and IT users can quickly and easily aggregate, procure, and pay for cloud solutions.

Lack of standardization across cloud service providers makes it incredibly difficult to source, compare, order, and invoice. LogicsOne helps clients dynamically extract real-time data from multiple service providers to easily compare, side by side, the capabilities (security, compliance, technology compatibility, SLAs, network, and support offerings) of each.

LogicsOne’s Cloud Brokerage and Governance Platform also integrates with clients’ own procurement systems so it’s simple to create, submit, and fulfill electronic virtual datacenter or application solution scenario orders. And for workloads previously deployed at Amazon for example, it’s no longer a herculean task to take that workload and shop it elsewhere.


The freedom and agility to provision your landscape in minutes and hours, not months—with one click.

Choose which workloads go into which cloud (or even which workloads are better off running in your private environment). Multiple apps (or portions of apps) can sit in different virtual datacenters running in different clouds—all depending on your unique parameters.

LogicsOne’s Cloud Brokerage and Governance Platform allows clients to see and control all resource groups: the web server layer, clusters, app server layer, and storage layers. They can edit and reconfigure VM memory, CPU, disks, and even power on/off individual VMs and remove them from clusters as needed.