Managed IT Services

Revolutionizing the way organizations approach hybrid cloud management.

Many organizations consume Managed Services on an after-the-fact basis, adding management and runtime support to equipment and environments once faced with support or growth challenges. Increasingly, though, management and governance is an embedded part of the data center infrastructure decision process. “What is the best execution environment for this workload, given my SLA and support expectations, and how can I most cost effectively deploy and consume that compute environment, allowing for scale and consistency of availability?”

As customers navigate from old paradigm compute models to as-a-service consumption of utility-based infrastructures and applications, LogicsOne Managed IT Services offer operating visibility and reliability while also helping customers chart the journey to hybrid cloud computing.

SOC 2 accredited to provide clients with the strictest security and confidentiality, operational rigor, and systems excellence.

SOC2 AccreditedSOC 2 certification is mandatory for financial institutions, hosting companies, and publically traded companies and is a testament to LogicsOne’s commitment to operational excellence.

Having the required controls and policies in place ensures the security of our systems and confidentiality of information, giving our clients peace of mind that we exercise the most exacting standards.