Project Management

Moving a data center? Work with Project Managers who have done it before.

Our Project Managers are experienced handling extremely complex IT projects with many moving parts, affecting multiple departments, and involving disparate technologies and systems:

  • Data Center Moves
  • Virtualization Initiatives
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Networking Infrastructure Projects
  • End User Computing implementations
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration
  • Application Development Projects
  • Migrations, Production Rollouts, User Pilots
  • And much, much more.

LogicsOne Project Management as a Service. Quality Assurance. IT Agility. Project Integrity.

LogicsOne can project manage any IT project—whether we designed it or not. Bring us in and experience unparalleled project efficiency.


  • Standalone projects
  • Larger, multi-project initiatives
  • PMO consulting, development, hiring, and training


  • Spikes in business cycles
  • Planned initiatives
  • Unplanned projects with quick turnaround times
  • Full-time, part-time, or project-based
  • When ramping up your own PMO offering
  • Augmentation to your own PMO staff


  • Remote locations and/or onsite
  • At your organization, your client’s, or your partner’s
  • Virtual project management run from LogicsOne corporate

Use LogicsOne Project Management for any IT project—planned or unplanned.

  • Tasked with too many competing IT priorities?
  • Having difficulty meeting project delivery timelines?
  • Coming in over budget on crucial IT initiatives?
  • Experiencing rapid organizational change?

Just call us. Complex IT Projects—Delivered On Time, On Spec, On Budget, On Demand.

Our PMO team manages more than simple, linear processes. LogicsOne understands all of the complexities and gets all of the context. We help organizations set project goals and priorities, determine resource requirements, and define operational strategy and outcomes.

When you work with LogicsOne, you get experienced:

  • Engagement Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Back Office Operations Specialists

LogicsOne successfully manages projects involving the world’s leading technologies:



LogicsOne is experienced at handling complex projects spanning multiple manufacturers and third parties. We have the processes and the people in place and we’re used to working at the executive business level to ensure all technology plans align with broader organizational goals.

Need to Set Up An Internal Project Management Office?

Increasingly, IT management from IT Directors to CIOs are utilizing project management services within their organizations. Project Management Offices (PMOs) have multiplied dramatically across all markets and have become the norm in many IT departments.

LogicsOne helps organizations develop consistent methodology and efficiency processes for critical IT projects, and assists in answering the following:

  • Do you NEED a PMO? Can you support it?
  • Where do you start? Who needs to be involved?
  • Will your Project Managers wear other hats?
  • Major pitfalls you MUST avoid to be successful.
  • Executive Buy-In: Why it’s key and how to achieve it.

LogicsOne can customize methodology strategies and tactics to create project management programs that add value and efficiency to internal organizational processes. We can also help select the best technology tools and platform to ensure the most successful, rapid, and cost efficient use of project management resources.

PMO visibility into strategic initiatives results in better decision making and prioritization.