Data Center Infrastructure

In response to the escalating needs of modern business, traditional data centers have become cobbled configurations of siloed management systems, disparate (and rigid) physical configurations, and stalled virtualization initiatives. But the “ad hoc” built data center can not efficiently support today’s organizations. With the advent of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) where configuration, deployment, and provisioning are all abstracted from the hardware and implemented by software, data center agility is greatly enhanced and management is simplified.

LogicsOne helps organizations adapt to this new reality with advanced data center infrastructure strategy, design, and implementation services to optimize traditional data centers, completely virtualize processes, and deploy software-defined technologies to help keep businesses competitive in the modern cloud era.

When building private clouds or deploying to CSPs, how your data center architecture is designed and built matters.

LogicsOne also helps companies implement converged infrastructure solutions that combine compute, storage and networking into a single module with unified management capabilities. Not only does this make management easier for IT with easy, modular expansion and fast storage administered with virtual machine (VM)-centric abstractions, it also lowers hardware costs and consolidates data center footprints for huge power and cooling savings.