Application Development

LogicsOne’s application development experts design and implement comprehensive system integration solutions for a wide range of business initiatives such as: internal applications, client-server or web-based applications, ground-up development projects, off-the-shelf application customization, open source solutions, legacy integration projects, application optimization, and document management and tracking systems.

Whether a client’s applications are running inefficiently, they’ve outgrown legacy systems, are having difficulty configuring applications, or need to improve application usability, LogicsOne’s application development experts assess infrastructure, systems, resources, and business goals through a series of planning and consulting processes, (needs analysis, business requirements planning, system architecture solutions, etc.) and then develop and implement solutions to achieve client goals.

Developing, integrating, and managing applications effectively across hybrid cloud environments involves tight technological, business, and organizational coordination. Because applications touch every employee and every business process, continuous availability is critical, and an effective application management strategy, essential. LogicsOne application development experts help clients adopt and integrate new and emerging application technologies and build enterprise architectures that manage information and connect disparate systems.

LogicsOne’s cross-certified application engineers and programmers bring years of experience on a wide variety of platforms, languages, and tools, including:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • FileMaker
  • Java
  • Open Source Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, and PHP)

For applications that need to be integrated into complex business processes, LogicsOne designs application solutions that can handle multiple steps and transactions. For B2B application integration, we ensure any custom-built or legacy systems can communicate data in appropriate formats. Our application integration strategies also integrate comprehensive security measures to safeguard critical business information.