ITIL Consulting

ITIL is a continuous lifecycle of service improvement. It’s about anticipating user needs before they’re requested; about having the tools in your tool box before you need them. 

IT does not exist to provide technology, IT exists to provide services. IT has customers, it has providers and it has a cost. For many IT organizations, new thinking is required to establish that customer-provider relationship. LogicsOne helps organizations adapt to the provider role and determine how to best provide services today and in the future.

So how does ITIL fit in? ITIL is a collection of processes and framework that provides LogicsOne with a methodical way to capture requirements, cost out services, measure user demand, and manage IT lifecycle (upgrades, decision points, changes, etc.).

ITIL is the backbone of any modern IT strategy and becomes extremely important when moving workloads to the cloud.

Organizations may have many processes in place, but not necessarily the processes needed to run effectively in the cloud. LogicsOne uses the ITIL framework to help clients build roadmaps that will enable their environments—and their people—to successfully operate in the cloud era.

Lifecycle Phases of ITIL:

LogicsOne uses ITIL to help organizations determine the following:

  1. Service Strategy—What services do you provide?
  2. Service Design—How will you provide what you decided to provide?
  3. Service Transition—How will you manage updates, new releases, and other changes?
  4. Service Operation—How do you operate to continually make your service relevant to customers?

ITIL is IT Process Excellence

LogicsOne’s mature ITIL-based methodology helps clients optimize performance, manage risk, and govern IT. No matter where a client is on the ITIL maturity curve, LogicsOne can help streamline IT efficiency and manage continuous improvement.